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Chasing the elusive 3…

February 6, 2008


I decided to go for a little run. – Forrest Gump

Today, approximately 7.45AM…a warm 50 degrees.  Didn’t quite know how to dress today so i basically left one layer off and replaced that with a tee shirt.  Couldn’t decide which of my many playlists to listen to, so i decided on a new group Hot Chip.  Good stuff…

So, i go.  Up on the boards, i look around first hoping to see somebody familiar.  I didn’t.  So, i did my usual 30 second stretching routine and with a little hop started out on my 3 miles.  I was told not to worry about time but i pressed the little green button on my watch anyway so that i could count the minutes.

I felt good, i really did.  I also thought to myself  “wow, i’m really moving today”…maybe the gazelle was coming back?  I fiddled with my ipod for a bit trying to find the right song for the 1st mile.  I usually need something a bit mellow at first, leading up to heart pumping music that can inspire me to cross the “finish line”.

So, i ran and ran and when i hit 3 miles i stopped.  Just like that.  Just like that i completed 3 miles.  I quickly pushed the little green button to stop the timer.  36 min?  Huh?  12 minute miles?  Just doesn’t seem right does it?  But, it is right…the clock doesn’t lie!  There’s always tomorrow….

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