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Turn around, upside down…

February 9, 2008


Sweat cleanses from the inside. It comes from places a shower will never reach.”
– George Sheehan

Today, i wanted to be different but i wasn’t sure how?  As i was approaching the boards i thought i’d turn right instead of left and do the 3 miles that way.  Of course, looking out towards the ocean, i see the same things but..that shoreline has been the inspiration for paintings and writings, a place still to run to when the world becomes too much, to walk the beach and boardwalk as I did as a child and teen-ager and connect with my Brooklyn soul…Running right instead of left enables my mind to wander a bit.  Coney Island.  Just the name congers up images of beautiful young men and woman enjoying a day at the beach or rides!  So, as i was running i kept those thoughts in my mind.  I passed the parachute jump which is the main majestic landmark and saw in my mind people slowly floating towards the ground with big smiles on their faces.  My running was labored but i pushed on.  Passing more and more land marks enabled me to run while picturing the good old days!  Astroland, the aquariam, keyspan park, Deno’s wonderwheel, Child’s restaurant (which recently was a chocolate factory) and so much more! I feel like i am an intergral part of Brooklyn and Coney Island. I feel like I am a part of the landscape of brooklyn!  There is inspiration and hope for the future of a borough rich with diverse cultures, history, memories, humor and natural beauty!!!  I ran 3 miles today but i ran 3 miles in a far off place, a place that may never be again but will always be in my mind’s memories!

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