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My top 10 list…

February 10, 2008


“Success isn’t how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.”

 10 reasons why i ran today:

10)  I needed to complete 3 miles.

9)   Go, go, go (written by a very wise man)

8)  my very cool, very sleek black ipod

7)  the wind (makes me push harder)

6)  a blister that opened up (yeah strange i know)

5)  didn’t want to feel the guilt all day if i didn’t run

4)  need to lose weight

3)  i get quality sleep

2)  get to see cute boys running

1)  tomorrow is my day off!!!!!!!!!   YAY!!!!

So, there you have it.  A list.  Its rather simple and i actually thought about this as i was completing my run today.  My mind goes through many many thoughts during 3 miles.  It can be as random as “i wonder if the mango i bought last week is ripe?”  to “fuck, i can’t do this anymore!”  to “god his butt is adorable.”  So, you see it can get rather complicated out there.  As simple as it is to just run and believe me thats the easy part, my mind is busy all the time. The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart!!! My brain is open to all possibilities.

 Frank Zappa:
The mind is like a parachute – it works only when it is open.

So, lets all think about things, make lists, listen to your heart, and most of all love!



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  1. February 11, 2008 12:23 am

    Found you on the Complete Running Network! Welcome to the family. More people will be stopping by in the next few days to say hello. I like your list and I’m glad that I’m not the only one that thinks about what’s going on in the kitchen while I’m out on the road.

  2. February 11, 2008 1:16 am

    Hey Michelle, Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love “Why I run” lists, so it was great to find your blog on a day when that’s your current post. Congratulations on getting to three miles. For me, that was a magical mark in my running. It seemed like I struggled forever to get to the point where I could run three miles non-stop, and once I did, I felt like I could go any distance if I stuck with it. Can’t wait to read from now on.

  3. February 11, 2008 2:26 am

    Liked your list. I can resonate with #’s 10, 5, 4, and 3 and, sometimes, 1. In #5, I would substitute yucky for the guilt. I’ve called my blog “Random Thoughts While Running”, , because I, too, have all kinds of unconnected thoughts while I run.

    Like Topher, 3 miles was a real milestone … then 5. Look forward to having you join us for a future virtual race.


  4. February 11, 2008 3:42 am

    Hey Michelle – Thanks for visiting, and for your comments. You know, I’m a very amiable race director. If you want to put 3 – 3 milers together and send me a time, you are certainly welcome to do so (but soon- I’ll write up the race report tomorrow). If people have a problem with that, they aren’t the kind of people I give a rip about anyway. 😀 After all, the prizes are pretty meager (bragging rights and maybe a title), there’s nothing for anyone to be upset over….. I will read back on some of your entries when I get this race over. Thanks for saying hello and keep plugging away.


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