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What it means to be me….

February 11, 2008


 “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life’s about creating yourself.”

So, since today was my day “off” i thought i’d share a little bit about me!  For the past 4 months i have been embracing the raw lifestyle.  What i mean by that is i eat mostly raw food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I am not 100% yet but i intend to be soon.  Eating raw to me is more than just the food.  It’s the people, emotions, support, detoxification, healthy body, healthy mind, weight lose and most of all the food is really good!  There are many recipes that can be made raw, for example there are tons of raw chili recipes.  Tons of raw cookie recipes!  Tons of salads and fruit related recipes.  I tend to consume a lot of green smoothies and i use my juicer quite often to make green juice.  So, you may wonder what makes it green…well there’s kale, spinach, celery, cucumbers, swiss chard, romaine, parsley…the list goes on and on.  There is no limit to what you can make and experiment with…I find it quite awe inspiring!

Starting March 1st I am going to participate in something called the Global Juice Feast!  I simply cannot explain how excited i am!  This will sound a bit strange, but i am looking forward to not eating food for 30-40 days.  It’s like i won’t have to make choices and meal plans.  You can read about the juice feast here:   Juice feasting.  Some people do a juice feast for 92 days but i choose not to for my first time out!

I learn something new every single day about eating raw and what supplements and super foods are important to consume.  There’s just so much out there!  It’s incredible.

Now, back to my running.  Running is an integral part of my day and life.  To me, to run is a lifestyle choice.  It’s similiar to my eating choices.  I just do it.  I do it because its healthy, slimming, emotionally wonderful and it just makes me feel so good!

So there…thats me in a nutshell.  I love what i eat, i love when i run and i love to talk about them both!  I would love to have anybody here pick my brain and ask questions or just simply understand that i will never force my beliefs on anybody, ever!  It’s good for me and so i live my life clean and loving!

It takes courage to be healthy! It takes courage to experience the freedom
that comes with this autonomy. It takes guts to choose something authentic
over disapproval and to choose it time and time again. Have the courage to
accept the responsibility for your own choice. Have the courage to be the
very unique person you really are! We are always willing to pay someone to
give us our health.
We must instead, as Health Seekers, learn to do it for ourselves!!

One of the great aspects of going raw is that soon you will notice that even though you have more energy and can get more done.. you feel calmer.

Raw foodists experience a real love of life.

You will notice a deep peace and happiness about them.


Different foods create different thoughts.
Wild Animals know the Power of Raw
“The wild geese do not intend to cast their reflection;
the water has no mind to retain their image.”

-Zen proverb

Keep it simple and stay close to nature.
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