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Fire in the sky….

February 12, 2008


We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness!

6.30AM.  I slowly opened my eyes, adjusted to the light and hopped out of bed.  I needed to rush, i needed to be up on the boards at 6.40.  I quickly turned on the tv to see the temp.  17 degrees, very little wind, this was a no brainer.  Running was inevitable…so i rushed, tried tying my shoes fast but to no avail.  Slipped on my running gloves and quietly slipped out of the house.  It was 6.43.

As i approached the boards, my brain noticed something.  There was a bit of flickering and then bright light!  Was it??  Could it be??  A fire in the sky!!!  My mind simply could not grasp what was before me.  A sunrise so majestic and magical that it practically took my breath away!  So, before anything i just stood there and basked in the glory of the sun!  Even, at 17 degrees i felt its warmth envelope me and take me in.  Give me strength and hope!  I felt as if i was the one and only person on this earth witnessing this.  I needed to share, i needed to talk about it.  So, i gazed at the sun rising one more time and started what i originally came there to do. 

I ran.  I ran with the hope of bumping into a friend.  Finally, there in the distance was the disctintive gait of a friend.  As she came closer i realized i was really just running.  It wasn’t laborous or painful today!  It was, dare i say it…fun!  Really fun.  My friend felt it too.  We ran, we talked, we laughed and before i knew it my run was over! 

3 1/2 miles of fun.  This type of fun cannot be beat.  It can only occur while you are out, witnessing a fire in the sky!!!

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  1. February 14, 2008 2:03 am

    Yep, there is something amazingly fun about running outside. I can’t understand why more people don’t do it…

    Thx for visiting my blog. I’ve bookmarked yours and will be back. 🙂

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