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Lagging behind…

February 16, 2008


The only way to be who you want to be is by being what you haven’t yet been.

Today, i was going to write about something completely different, but then i decided to write what is in my heart!!  It’s been about 3 weeks now that i’ve been running with only 3 days off.  3 miles each time i go out.  If you’ve been reading my blog then you know i like to meet my buddies and run along with them.  It just doesn’t seem to work out that way though.  I mean, yes i meet them, but no i do not run along with them.  They are just a tad faster than i am and for some reason i lag behind.  Not to far behind, but just enough to irritate me and frustrate me…I was told that it takes time to build back your athleticism, your stride, your pace but see, i want it now.  I do not want to lag behind a 62 year old.  She’s great by the way, and i love her but she’s 62!  I’m 46!  See what i’m getting at???

So, i don’t know what to do.  I question whether i should meet my buddies for a run?  Maybe, i need to be alone with my thoughts and my music for a while to build up so i can keep up.  It’s confusing and it tears me down mentally.  It makes me question why i do it in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong here, i’m the first to cheer on a fellow runner and give little “you go girl”  or  “dude, you look awesome in those tights” kind of cheers!  It makes them feel good and it makes me feel happy!  I just don’t want to lag!  I want to keep up and finish with them, instead of them finishing and turning around to search for me…

Ok, so these are my thoughts today.  Tomorrrow, when i get the phone call to come on out for a run, i will go!  I will meet my buddies, say “good morning”  and start running.  It will be OK because i know they care.  I want my 62 year old buddy to run till she drops!  She does too!  I guess its all relative!  Running, walking, hopping, you do what you can, when you can and when your done you can go home with a smile on your face!

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