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Just running….

February 17, 2008


Don’t follow me. . .I’m lost

I’ve made a decision!  I am not going to be a slave to the numbers.  My time, my pace, my mileage, well no more!  My running will be for me to experience pure joy.  I am not racing or running marathons, at least not yet  :O)  but i am running for exercise and goodwill, lighthearted rapport between friends.  At this point, nothing more, nothing less.

I still need my ipod but today a buddie of mine said something interesting…he said  “music disturbs my daydreams”…i am a visual person so i like to take in all the sights”  I like that!  I just don’t know if i can take the sound of my own labored breathing.

It’s hard out there sometimes.  My body, as strong as i think it is, feels weak when i am tired.  Sometimes, i barely have the strength to walk back home after 40 minutes of running.

So, if i lag thats OK!  My buddies look out for me and most of the time slow down so i can catch up…i love them for that.  They are always so encouraging and loving.  What more can i ask for????  So, from now on i will just run.  Just run until i stop.    :O)

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