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Dawn of the dead or are they zombies?

March 6, 2008


People are constantly just spoon fed mindless rubbish because it’s so easy to just sit there like a zombie and consume it!

 Today, was an odd run.  Very odd.  It had been raining pretty much all night so this morning dawned very dark and cloudy.  I wasn’t even sure if i was going to actually run but seeing that it wasn’t raining, what choice did i have really?

You have to understand, (you don’t really) that after a rain it’s always very foggy up on the boardwalk.  Not a big deal really.  So, i was on my usual running route and there was something very different.  The people.  I simply do not know why but most if not all of the people i passed by were walking as if they were zombies.

Yes, they really were.  Slow, kinda shuffling, with this creepy grin on their faces.  At first, i was really interested in seeing this strange phenomenon,  but as the zombie sightings increased i started getting creeped out.

I also, and i can’t prove it, but i thought i heard a kind of howling or screaming sound.  Was it coming from the zombies on the boarkwalk as i was running this morning?  I cannot answer!

So, i decided to cut my run short, to 3 miles today!  I certainly did not want to catch whatever these people had!  Maybe, they just come out when its foggy and misty and slightly creepy!

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  1. March 7, 2008 3:58 pm

    No wonder you were interested in new routes. ZOMBIES??!!!


  2. Michelle permalink*
    March 7, 2008 4:00 pm

    Nancy, i really mean it…the people were sort of dragging and shuffling. I’m thinking it was the foggy weather and misty rain that had my mind playing tricks on me!!! Either that, or i am losing my MIND!!!!!!!


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