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And now for something totally different….

March 11, 2008


Bet that got your attention huh? 

Today, i’ve decided to talk about something different.  Yes, sure i could go on and on and chronicle my stories about how cool i look when i run!  About how good i feel when i finish 5 miles!  About how so very wonderful, my legs are starting to look.  But….

Well, i don’t know if i shared with you that i am on my way to embracing a “raw lifestyle”.  Nope, doesn’t mean i eat raw chickens and raw eggs!  Quite simply, it means i do not eat any cooked food.  There is so much i could say here.  How about how totally awesome it makes me feel?  How about how totally awesome the raw community is?  How about how a smoothie for breakfast totally satisfies you for the rest of the day!  There’s lots more!

You may ask “what can you eat?”  Well, lots.  Smoothies for one…i juice a lot, lots and lots of salads, sprouts, nut, seeds, avocodos, zucchini pasta, all fruits, lots more too!!  It works for me and i say when you find something that works stick with it!!!

Ok, now to the being honest part…i do on occassion get hmmm, gassy and well lets just say gassy!  This is due in part to detoxification.  When you eat 100% raw your body literally detoxifies!

 And when you are raw, it is quite amazing the aromas that can come out of us. The mixture of these powerful RAW foods with this ongoing detoxification can present a bloated stomach with other quite interesting gifts to strangers. Going on the 100% Raw Food Diet is like going on a Life-Long Fast  Some Natural Hygenists will tell you to fast to get rid of the gas. You will be fasting a great amount of time during your life-time to succeed at that. I feel that if they were truly 100% Raw, they would perhaps understand this ongoing detoxification process more.

And… Keep this in mind… someone who partakes in cooked food, even every once in a while, will stop the detoxification  There is a big difference between someone who is truly 100% raw and someone who is 95% raw!… There’s more…
Here is an exerpt from an interview with Dr. Fred Busci:Q and A by Dr. Fred Bisci
Question 1: Can a person on a raw diet overeat on fruit?
Answer: Yes, a person on a raw diet can eat too much fruit. Many people on a raw diet are under the impression that they can eat all the fruit that they desire. Overeating in general and overeating on any one food is something I would not recommend. Overeating when we first change to a raw diet is not unusual and overeating on fruit can lead to bingeing and cause your insulin to spike. It plainly states in the glycemic index that some fruits require more insulin than others. Any food or fruit above fifty on the glycemic index will require more insulin or another food which is low on the glycemic index to change the index. It would be wise to eat lettuce and celery when eating a lot of fruit. You can also eat non-sweet fruit with sweet fruit. Non-sweet fruit is digested more like a vegetable than a fruit. Overeating on fruit can also lead to demineralization of your teeth and decay. The man that introduced me to the raw diet over forty years ago lost his teeth for this reason. His diet consisted mostly of fruit. Over the years I have seen more problems from overeating on fruit or not eating enough of the vegetables, nuts, and seed than any other reason except detox and healing crises.

Enjoy your fruit; it is one of the finest foods we can eat in most cases. Make sure you eat your vegetables along with plenty of variety.

Question 2: What about water on a raw diet?

Answer: Water is more important than food. You can live a long time without food, but not without water. It is true that raw fruits and vegetables are water plump foods and if you were perfect in a perfect environment, the water in that food would serve its purpose. Water is both a solvent and a transport medium. It helps dissolve and transport endogenous waste.

Distilled water is inert and has the ability to absorb more endogenous waste. Extra water can help us when we overeat, with pollution, in warm climates, before, during, and after exercise, under stress, and improper elimination. Extra water is better than not having enough. I drink two to three glasses of water when I first get up in the morning and always feel better for it.

Question 4: Why do people become thin on a raw diet?

Answer: People become thin on a raw food diet because it is rich in enzymes and hydrogen ions. This makes more vitamins and minerals available with fewer calories. Another factor is that you are omitting all the foods in your diet that are preventing your body’s God-given remedial capabilities to do what it was meant to do. The body will generate more vital power to make your body more efficient and improve the quality of tissue cells. This takes place in three stages.

The first stage is the catabolic stage where the body will discard inferior cells faster than they will be reproduced. The second stage is stabilization, when the body will replace inferior quality cells as fast as they are discarded. At the second stage the body will become stable for a period of time. The third stage is the anabolic stage, where the body will start to gain weight because the body has become more efficient and the weight will come up to optimal weight. Being lean on a raw diet, which is naturally low in calories, is the key to live a long life. Overeating of any food group even on a raw diet is not the best way to do it. The quality of this type of life, if done correctly and fully understood, is beyond reach any other way. If you are a very active person you can incorporate more food to maintain body weight. An exaggerated amount is not called for.

Question 5: Will I get enough fat on a raw diet?

Answer: Yes, if you are eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and avocados you will get all 20 of the fatty acids that the body needs. The human body can manufacture 18 of these fatty acids but the two essential fatty acids; Linoleic and Linolenic acids must be in your diet.

The effects of not getting enough of the essential fatty acids over a long period of time could be a real problem. Some people try to go without nuts, seeds, and avocados, which is not always a good idea. The body can seem to be doing well and run on its reserves for many years before it develops a problem. This can also be a factor with other nutrients.

So,  am i making any sense yet?  Of course i would never encourage anybody to eat this way unless they were totally into it!  Last week, i had the priviledge of meeting a friend who is raw and eat lunch at a totally raw restaurant!  Quintesssence!  Unbelievable food.  I had a raw pizza with sausage (not meat) that literally tasted better than any cooked pizza i ever had!!  I’m not just saying that!!!  They made nuts taste like cheese!  I kid you not!

I really could write a book here, but i think i will end with some of the supplements i take on a daily basis!  Vitamineral green  MSM, Earth.  Thats it for now! 

Also, i consume chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds!!  Lastly, i do partake in the sweets!  Raw cacao powder  for one!  Want to make a raw chocolate pudding?  1 avocodo/raw cacao/coconut water….blend up and you have pudding!  Again it tastes like the real thing!

And, i am a RUNNER!  I have all the energy i need to do this exercise daily!  I do not feel weak or rundown at all!  I sleep better and find that i don’t need as much sleep as before i went raw!! 

Thanks for letting me share!  It’s become a way of life for me and i don’t think twice about what to eat!  If anybody is curious about my daily menu please don’t hesitate to ask!!!!!

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