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Lets hug it out bitch….

March 18, 2008
  • Ari: You wanna hug it out? Let’s hug it out bitch.
  • Is there a way to literally hug youself?  I think there is, i want to hug it out with myself! 

    Why, you may ask.  Well, i had a bad, very bad run on Saturday!  It made me doubt myself and my running ability.  Today, on the other hand i had an amazing run.  I can’t quite figure it out though.  

    Was it the weather?  Was it the time i was running?  Was it the fact that my outfit didn’t match?  There’s lots of variables here.  Do i even need to know why at this point?

    So, back to today.  It was lovely weather, i had on my new nike running pants…i guess you can call them capri’s but not really because they are meant for real running not dress up running.  So first thing i notice is the fire in the sky.  (i blogged about this in an earlier post)…

    It was raging.  Hot, bright, deep reds, some pinks, just totally mind boggling.  So, that got me going immediately.  Then running buddies came along.  So, that was cool.

    It just all worked today!  Nothing went wrong, AT ALL!  It’s not even a big deal that i ran 5 today.  Nope.  It’s just that i felt so good and ended with a smile on my face.  Plus i did the last 2 miles in 22 min, which to some seasoned runners may seem so last year.  Nope, its so 2008!  11 minute miles my friends.  Ok, speedy gonzalez i’ll never be but damn i felt good.

    So, next time somebody says to you “lets hug it out bitch”  i say go for it.  It’s probably better than trying to hug yourself right?

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    1. March 19, 2008 6:49 am

      I usually look for ways to explain the bad runs (usually lack of hydration) but sometimes you just don’t know. Sometimes they just happen. I love running for the perserverance it has taught me. You just can’t be very negative and last very long as a runner. Glad you were right back at it!

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