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Food glorious food…and then there was none!

March 27, 2008


 “I’m an optimist with a pinch of cynicism and a dash of fuck you :)”  a friend…..

I wish I could count the number of times I sat clenching my fists, gritting my teeth and using any manner of force, will power and sheer brute-strength to resist cravings for certain foods, only to discover much later that “resistance” really is futile.

If you’re anything like I was, this will likely sound familiar:

It starts innocently enough most times. A little nibble here, a dip of the finger there…

…then before long, the flood gates open and within minutes you find yourself staring in shock at the bottom of an empty bowl, stunned at how little control you seemed to have over the actions that just transpired.

For a long time, struggling with cravings felt like a living horror flick from which I couldn’t escape. Constantly feeling bombarded by “forbidden foods,” I wrestled internally for a very long time before I finally figured out the tools to handle my emotional eating and food obsessions.

It didn’t feel “fair,” when I would look around me and see prom queens kicking back bacon double cheeseburgers and then bouncing off like they had all the energy in the world. They didn’t seem to constantly have food on the brain and they were eating 10 times worse than I was.

I’m happy to say, those food-obsessed days are finally behind me and freedom feels great!

But it didn’t happen over night.

I’ve spent thousands of hours studying, trying, butting my head against the wall, falling down then pulling myself up again until finally coming to the realization that I had been missing a few very important pieces of information and tools to handle the situation. Once I discovered these, I finally had what it took to overcome my food obsessions and cravings once and for all.

Why do you eat?

Sounds simple enough, but really, why do you eat?

You eat to fuel your body and have the energy you need to function well, right?

In a perfect world it might stop at that, however, few people actually realize that one of the very biggest reasons we eat is to experience sensation!

If we truly ate to fuel ourselves and get the energy we needed, we’d be much more practical about our food choices, and have way less eating disorders out there. Just think of the shelves and shelves of recipe books in the world, with all manner of shapes, colors, sizes, names and tricks designed to tempt us into foods with the promise of sensation as the reward!

And yet, we know very well that the sensations we get from food, while at times pleasurable, are still of a low grade compared to something like enthusiasm, excitement, love or passion for something more substantial than a slab of cheesecake. Foods that offer sensation at the price of addiction easily drive you into a cycle of dependency.

It’s important to understand that the very ability to perceive anything in the first place comes from you! It is you!

Think about that for a second.

The flavor and perception of sensation (the exciting part) is in YOU, not the food itself! If it was in the food itself, we’d all have the same reaction to the same foods. But it doesn’t work that way.

Any hypnotist knows that you can get a person to go through just about any physiological reaction in the body, simply by imposing commands on the person at a subconscious level.

You could hypnotize a person to have a very violent reaction to specific foods, for example. These are things that are controllable within the person, and are not affected by controlling the food itself.

Fortunately, you don’t need hypnotism or somebody else’s subconscious commands to produce these kind of effects. You can produce them yourself with nothing more than the simple desire to make it happen! You can create any sensation in your body you wish, just by deciding to experience it. That’s what visualization is all about. That’s what hypnotists and therapists make a fortune applying on their patients.

You can experience serenity, joy, fear, excitement, seduction and intense pleasure just by closing your eyes and creating those sensations within you. Just think about something that excites you, and you’ll start to feel excited. Just like mentioning the idea of biting into a lemon is enough to make most people pucker and salivate as if the lemon were right there!

Do you see the possibility of what this could mean for you?

I’ve always insisted that the pursuit of health is about a whole lot more than food. I mean, if people can cure themselves of cancer by watching old comedy flicks, surely we can overcome some insatiable chocolate cravings with a bit of imagination and creative thought!

The sensations you’re getting from your food are actually a very low-grade sensation compared to the sensations of playfulness, joy, enthusiasm or exhilaration that can be gotten from being actively engaged in life. These sensations offer a much deeper level of satisfaction and stimulation, and don’t disappear when you’ve taken the last bite! You can’t get indigestion from having too great of an imagination!

Get your head out of your cereal bowl and set your sites on the stars, the flowers, and the people and places around you! Eat for the sake of fueling your body, and rediscover the pleasure of sensation and perceptions in things that will not bring your body down or get you stuck in a pattern of cravings and emotional eating.

Just play a bit more, take food a bit less “seriously” and start having fun experiencing life for what it has to offer. In no time you’ll see how cravings and food obsessions just run by the boards effortlessly.

Running, for me creates a pleasant, often exhilerating sensation.  I do not think about food when running, as a matter of fact i generally feel less hungry after a run.  I like the feeling of lightness and pure joy that comes from the endorphins kicking in.  In addtion to another self explanatory pleasure sensation (yes you all know what i’m talking about) i would say running comes in a close second.

 Food, is not at the top of my list of wants.  Please, believe me dinner at Pure Food and Wine in Manhattan  Pure is amazing and oh so tantilizing.  Raw lasagna never tasted so good.  But…that is only on specical occasions.  Every once in a while.  Running is an every day occurance as is hmmm other stuff…

Just enjoy the sensations that you can create with your mind.  Everybody can do it.  Let’s stare at that empty cereal bowl and imagine a blue cave of loveliness!

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  1. March 27, 2008 8:44 pm

    Wow, that is pretty amazing stuff. I was hungry when I started and about to make a really bad choice (like maybe bite the head off the choc bunny?) I’m going to think about something else instead. 😀

  2. March 28, 2008 11:42 am

    Excellent! Not only did I feel like I was reading a professionally written article, but there were plenty of great thoughts in there that I can use as weapons against my own cravings.

    Thank you

  3. michjoy61 permalink*
    March 28, 2008 12:30 pm

    You are very welcome! I am so glad i could write and inspire or help people! This creates a pleasant sensation in my mind! And in my heart! :O)

  4. March 29, 2008 11:26 pm

    Terrific posting! That is the reason why I run. I run quite a bit. The more I run, I can eat pretty much what I wanted. Just kidding. However, I have to be more discreet on what I eat. It really does affect my running performance. If I eat shit, I run like shit. If I eat well, I run well. It’s all trial and error kind of thing. It is with great sadness that whenever I go, I see so many people who are dealing with obesity. Eating is part of addiction. Once they give up that kind of addiction, they will try to find another addiction, hence, Runner’s high. I could go on and on.. but your posting is excellent.

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