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Wanna get high?

March 30, 2008

questions.png Let’s start with a stupid question, and even stupider(not a real word) answer!

Can i wake up, after i’m done sleeping????
hmmm, only just this once!!!

Ok, that got your attention right?  So, i’ve been thinking a lot about this ever since i read  wanna get high.  It’s very interesting to me.  Not only because of the way i eat and live, but also because of the way i run.  The way i run my life and the way i conduct my runs.

Each time i run i try to reach the elusive runners high.  I am not quite sure i ever finished a run and thought to myself…”woah, i am high now”!  Sure, i am always happy to finish up a run, whether it be 3, 4 or even 5 miles.  I know for a fact that i am smiling quite broadly, albeit the fact that even my hair is sweating.  Is this possible?

Let’s talk endorphins.  We all know what they are right? 

Endorphins are produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus in vertebrates (thats us folks) during strenuous exercise, excitement and orgasms and they resemble the opiates in their abilities to produce a sense of well-being.

 This can only be good,  no? I don’t know about you but i want those endorphins to be kicking around in my body, brain or wherever the fuck it wants.  I want to feel good at all times.

Sure, there are times during my day where i sort of stop, reflect and think hmmm, i’m feeling a bit blue or damn my run today was crapola.  I call this falling still. At these times, i wonder where all the endorphins are hiding.  They play games with me all the time.  I hate that.

I know…shit happens all the time but i don’t want it to happen to me or my family and friends.  I want to coast through life and live.  Feeling high is my mood of choice.  Which brings me back to running.

Is running the only way to “get” this feeling?  Of course not.  There’s the obvious, then there’s eating and if you can think of anything else please share!  What is wrong with wanting this feeling all the time?

I wish there was a way for our very smart scientists to develope a system where you can attach a port to your body with a little button and every time you need a boost of endorphins, a little push of said button will ingnite euphoria and exhiliration. (i like E words).  Maybe, i’m on to something here.  Exciting!

I’ve been officially high maybe 4 times in my entire life from things other than endorphins in my brain. I’m not proud, its just a fact.  But, the very best high i ever achieved was the exact moment i crossed the finish line of the NYC Marathon.  I’ve never experienced this before and have yet to experience it again.  Just not happening.

I will keep running and keep doing the things that make me feel good.  This blog is certainly one of those things.  Writing is sexy.  Reading is sexy!  I do both.

I’ll leave you with two wonderful quotes:

What you are seeking, is also seeking you!

Be humble, for you are made of earth

Be noble, for you are made of stars!

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  1. March 31, 2008 2:03 am

    I found your site through and just have to say your writing is very captivating and right on the money! Love the quotes!!

  2. March 31, 2008 4:51 pm

    Writing is sexy. I like that!

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