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What you are seeking, is also seeking you!

April 3, 2008


Seek and Ye Shall Find, so the bible says. And similarly, many spiritual teachings say that whatever we focus on, we we move towards. In business they teach you that whatever you believe, you can achieve. And from what I’ve heard, seen, and learned in philosophy and in life, you become like what you love. I think this is a wonderful order that exists in the universe! Seek joy and you will find it! Seek love and you will find it! Seek health and you will find it!

Seek running 5 miles and it will happen.  Not in a dream either!  In real life folks.  Yep, i did 5 miles today in 57 min even!  And, the best part about this is, i am not in any pain whatsoever.  I feel good, energetic and happy.

I am down 24lbs since i started eating mostly raw and running.  The combo of the two is working for me big time.  I cannot stress enough the importance of taking care of your body.  It’s the only one you will have, no trading in or buying a new one.

I truly belive that what you put into your body will enable you to glide through life without too many breakdowns.  Would you forget to change the oil in your precious gas guzzling car?  I doubt it!  But, you may forget to hydrate after a run.  Why?

These things are really health 101.  No brainer kind of stuff.  No thinking involved.  It’s just stuff you should know and do every single day.  The way you eat, the way you exercise, the way you think and pray and breathe, all these things make for a healthy you. 

If you feel stressed take the time to shut your office door, close your eyes and breathe deeply for 4 minutes.  In and out, deep and cleansing.  I call this falling still.  It helps.  It relaxes your entire body and most importantly, your mind.

This week, i accidently left my beloved ipod at a friends house and i did not get it back for 2 whole days.  I almost panicked knowing i would have to run without my music.  But, you know what, it was actually kinda great.  I was alone with my thoughts.  Doesn’t matter what i thought about, just that i was able to concentrate on these thoughts more than concentrating on my breathing and running.  Of course, when i did get my ipod back, i was a happy camper again!

The raw lifestyle lends itself to a lot of self discovery and emotional detoxing.  It’s kinda great.  You become one with yourself and learn how to live a quiet, loving, healthy, amazing life.  The people that i have met are so incredible.  Let me give you one example!

I will start with a blog rawmodel .  This man is in a word beautiful inside and out.  Obviously, we see the model, the good looking man with a big smile on his face.  I know this man personally on so many levels.  He is 100% raw and likes to forage for food.  He says, he thinks everybody can eat for free if you just look for the food.  He’s been known to pick oranges off trees for lunch.  He’s also been known to climb trees at 10pm in Central Park for some wild apples.  He’s funny, sweet, quite charming and giggles at every thing i say! 

So, check this out rawrunner.  Pretty cool huh?  The list goes on and on! 

Please know i am not introducing you to these people because i think this is the ONLY way to live.  Quite the contrary.  I believe people get to choose and should be comfortable and happy and serene.  Thats what makes the world go round…but as i come across different people i realize that the differences are really what we have in common.  We are different, therefore we are the same!  Ok, i just made that up but you get my drift right???  NO?  Sorry.

Does this all sound a little to new age and ridiculous?  Maybe, but this is what i choose.  My running is a choice too!  A good choice but a choice.  So, i ran 5 miles today!!  WOOHOO!  In under an hour i might add.

I have decided to participate in Nancy’s virtual 10k on the 10th.  This is not only going to ROCK, its going to ROLL!  I figure i have a bit of time to train and possibly get my speed up to par.  So, thanks Nancy my friend for this wonderful incentive to run a 10k!

Oh, i’ve been tagged by Ted.  Thanks Ted, i will definitely do this in a day or two when i have the time to think!  Think you say!  Yeah, sometimes i do not think at all.  But, thats when i get myself in trouble

And right then, I swear I’m not even making this up, my whole brain, it popped right out of my skull, landed on the kitchen floor, and bounced like a tennis ball.


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  1. April 8, 2008 12:45 am

    You’re welcome! It is something a little different to everyone and that is just fine. I started them for me, to keep me training and keep something on the schedule, but why not share? And turns out the sharing them has really been fun. Glad to have you aboard!!

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