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No running = more stressful than running 5 miles….

April 13, 2008

“Why Do You Run?
Because you’re wondering if your grandchildren will too. Because it’s raining. Because you can, and others can’t. Because it’s faster than walking. Because that shaky-leg-thing is all about nervous energy. Because you can’t fly. Because you can fly. Because your personal best is just that, yours. Because the pain of a blister is nothing compared to the pain of stopping. Because you like the resistance the wind gives you. Because you like the resistance you give the wind. Just Because.”
– NYC Marathon Ad

I don’t know about you guys, but i have a very hard time taking days off.  I mean i know i should and have to but its so fucking hard.  I’d almost rather run with pain, then take a day off to rest my knee!

Is it runners’ guilt?  I do not like this feeling at all but i don’t know how to overcome it!  How can something that makes me feel so good, can also indirectly make me feel so bad.

On the days i don’t run, i have nothing to brag about…oh yeah dude, today i hmmm,  woke up!!!  WOOOHOOO, you woke up!!!

You would think in all the years i’ve been a runner (off and on) i would have learned how to deal with this phenomenon.  Pisses me off.  Stresses me out.  Would you take a day “off” from work if your fingers hurt from using the computer?  No.  But, with running its pretty much understood that you do not run 7 days a week unless you are an elite kenyan runner who pretty much runs every single second of every single day!

So, here’s what i came up with!  It’s the best i can do…

1) Make a plan for your days off and stick with it no matter how gorgeous the weather is!!!

2) Find alternative things to do, whether it be a movie, reading, writing, SEX, trying a new recipe, or all of the above.  Just keep busy!

3) Think deep down inside that you know you are doing the right thing!  For your body and spirit!

4) Dance

5) Update your blog and complain about taking days off

6) Smile

7) Tomorrow is another day!!!
8) Wash all your running clothes so when tomorrow does come, you smell fresh and “look good”

9) Clean your home

10) Make sure all your sports bras fit you!!!  (there’s a story here somewhere)

11)  Did i mention SMILE!!!!

Ok, well thats about all i could come up with.  Not very concrete but it helps me and thats what is important.  Us runners are a rare breed.  We are not made from the same cloth as everybody else.  I don’t know whether i will ever run another marathon, but i do know that as long as my legs are able to move, i am going to be out there running!  And if i can’t run, then i will skip, hop, jump, whatever it takes!

Be positive people!  Negativity grows like the plague.  Surround yourself with the type of people you want to be.  A smile on your face goes a very long way.  I do not like stress.  It, well stresses me out!

Ok, well the days looms in front of me and i will fill it with the most interesting of things.  Reading is high on my list!  Chocolate may fit in somewhere too!  April 15th is near, and i am doing a 2 days juice feast!  It’s cleansing and wonderful.

Life is wonderful!  I am no longer stressed!  Thanks…..:

It was like one of those nights, where you’re in a strange city, New York perhaps, and you only intended to go out for a quick meal, but someone knows a bar where you just *have* to taste the cocktails, and then you get there, and they’re really strong, so when someone suggests you go onto another place which has a late licence you don’t really object, even though you’re in the wrong shoes, or whatever. And you get there, and the air made you realise that you’re more than a little drunk, and you have another drink, because someone’s stories are funny, and because it’s NY, you’ve not seen this person for a year. And then before you know it you’ve noticed the band in the corner of the bar. And they’re drunk too, or at least well on their way. And they are amazing. And maybe because it’s because you’re not used to large amounts of liquor, or maybe they really are amazing, you can’t tell – but they’re singing about love and loss and partying, and you want to get up to dance, but no-one will dance with you (because they know you’re drunker than them) but you end up agreeing that this is the best band you’ve ever seen, the best night you’ve ever had. And over coffee, the next morning, with a thumping head, you resolve to google them, only you can’t because you never found out what the band’s name was, nor the name of the bar. The only thing you can remember is that it was somewhere further west than you usually go.

Who the fuck was the band????

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  1. April 14, 2008 6:00 pm

    Rest days are hard for me too.

    The up side for me is that I always seem to run “better” after a day off.

  2. BARB permalink
    June 13, 2008 8:29 pm


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