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It is just one of those days….

August 31, 2008

I am pissed.  Want to know why???  Yeah well so here’s the thing:

I went out this morning for my day 35 run.  I planned in my head and heart to run 7 miles.  I thought i did run 7 miles when i finally stopped over an hour later.  I was all like “yo i ran 7 miles!  I was all like “yo i fucking rock”.  I was all like “yo i deserve a mega bagel with a smear of some sort of cheese like substance and a very large coffee!!!”

So, i get home and immediately run over to my computer and i hmmm stick in the USB.  I stick that sucker in because i ran 7 miles.  I anxiously await my stats.  My bragging rights.  I put my granny glasses on and take a look.  WTF?????    WTF?????  Can’t be!  Can it?  What i thought was a 7 mile run, was really 6.90 miles.

I sat there staring at the computer monitor.  Hmmm, can Paash make a mistake?  Did i really stop .1 mile from completing 7 miles???  The tears started welling up.  I was crushed.  I felt as though all i deserved was an english muffin with some margarine on it.  NO COFFEE!  


I’m thinking here what sort of runner am I to have fucked up a 7 mile run???  Then i thought that its the boardwalk’s fault.  Not mine.  Not Paash.  The boards.  That made me feel a little better!  Sort of!  Would you guys be pissed?  Or am i over reacting??  

Tomorrow is my last day of running to complete my streak!  36 days!  It is going to be difficult to take a day or two off but i know i have to.   Life is good.  Running is great!  I thank you all.  I love you all!!

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  1. J-mom permalink
    August 31, 2008 9:28 pm

    Oohhh I am a number girl so yeah I would be mad!

  2. September 11, 2008 7:40 pm

    awww don’t be pissed. You still rock. Too much else in the world to let that get you down. You are doing some serious mileage and every day? Holy crap.

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