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Gotta have more Cowbell…….

September 14, 2008

Want to know what i hate?  With a passion?  When i have to call customer service or tech support and i get the recorded message asking me what i am calling about or who i am calling and you have to shout into the phone to the recorded person so that the recorded person can then place you on hold and then after about 30 min of listening to horrible music you finally get connected to a “real” person, only to have your cell phone die!!!  Has this happened to anyone?  It happens to me EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!

With that said, lets talk running!  I’ve been really thinking a lot lately about how i approach things.  Sometimes, i am so damn negative and i don’t know why.  My life is not so bad.  I have my health and food on the table.  I have family and friends who care about me.  I have 2 ipods and Paash!  I have Mac Book named Aspire by the way!  I have the ability to think and laugh and read and write.  I have lots of things don’t I?

But, what about the things i don’t have?  What about confidence and self esteem?  This is where i falter!  And when i say confidence, i mean confidence in my running.  I want so badly to just go out and run and not care about time.  But, i can’t.  I don’t care if i only run for 5 min, i have to know the exact time and distance.  Sometimes, this distracts me from what is really important.  Just to run.  To take it all in.  To love it and continue to love it day in and day out!!  

I get A LOT of support here.  I do.  It keeps me going.  Motivates me.  This is another thing i have!  I have support.  I happen to think runners are the nicest, funniest, kindest people on earth!  A rare breed.  We can make fun of ourselves.  Remember my sweating breasts???  I do!  

The last two days i ran a little over 5 miles.  I very much wanted to run more, but the mugginess and high humidity wore me out.  I am not good in heat.  I guess you can say i am in heat.  YIKES!  Literally.  I also ran alone the last 2 days.  Oh of course with Paash and ipod, but not with another human.  This is good because i can set my own pace and i like that.


Elevation (ft.)

Pace (min/mile)

1 10′ 07 -0′ 04 5.9 +0.0 0 ft
2 10′ 10 -0′ 01 5.9 +0.0 0 ft
3 10′ 05 -0′ 06 6.0 +0.1 0 ft
4 9′ 56 -0′ 15 6.0 +0.1 +3 ft
5 12′ 45 +2′ 34 4.7 -1.2 -3 ft
end 10′ 42 +0′ 31 5.6 -0.3 +3 ft
Versus average of 10′ 11 min/mile:       Slower     Faster

Route Name: 9-14-08
Location: Breezy Point, NJ
Distance: 5.41 miles
Elevation Avg: 5 ft
Total Uphill: +42 ft
Total Downhill: -39 ft
Elevation Net: +3 ft
Difficulty: 1.8  


Activity: Run
Date: 09/14/08  07:33 AM
Distance: 5.41 miles
Time: 0:55:05
Speed: 5.9 mph
Pace: 10′ 11 min/mile
Calories: 629
Heart Rate:
Activity Goal: None
  Overcast with Haze
Temp: 73 F
Humidity: 84
Heat Index: 73 F
Wind: S 6
Difficulty: 1.8  
I need help here!  I put my info into BIM ACTIVE and this is what i got!  Everything, to me looks good except for that 12.45 mile!  WTF????  How can i go from a 9.56 to a 12.45?   I did stop after 4 miles to take a drink of water and i am completely sure i stopped Paash and then restarted when i started running again!  You can even see on the Pace (min/mile) chart that i did indeed stop.  Can anybody shed some light on this for me??  

Here is a great fast tasty treat:

Banana Nut Shake
2 bananas
almond milk
vanilla extract
blend blend blend and drink that sucker down!!  Its very delicious i promise!  Good and refreshing after a run!!  
Cowbell anyone??  This is classic and oh so funny.  I am sure most of you fellow runners have seen this but watch it again please.  For you!   For me!!!!  Now, if you will excuse me, i need to go learn how to knit!!!
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  1. September 14, 2008 6:31 pm

    You know what I’ve noticed with BIM, is that some of the miles are “off” I’ve had a couple miles during runs when BIM says I’ve ran at 7:45 pace (HAHAHAHHAHA NOT) and then it evens it out by making other miles slower. Maybe this is the case here ?!?

  2. September 14, 2008 7:55 pm

    Maybe you should set a goal of running naked (no watch, no garmin) one day per week. See if you can learn to ‘let go’ of the obsession with the data. Just a thought.

  3. michjoy61 permalink*
    September 14, 2008 11:26 pm

    Thanks Marcy i will keep that in mind!!

    Lisa, NOOOOOOOOOO me naked would scare away a lot of people!!! :O)


  4. Erin Leigh permalink
    September 15, 2008 4:30 pm

    I have no idea with the Garmin stuff. I am totally with you. I am going to get Garmie this week (or order) and I will run on the treadmill until I have it cause I need to know the exact distance, etc…

    I am hoping with time I will gain the confidence you are talking about.

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