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Farewell Paash… was good to know thee!

September 19, 2008

I’ve had a rough three days.  Very upsetting and unsettling to say the least.  Sure, i ran.  I ran with a purpose!  Well maybe not a purpose, but lets just say…all my runs mean something to me.

Anyway, so Tuesday morning as usual, i went for my morning run.  It was a great run.  


Not fast by anyones standards.  Not fast by my standards, but i did it.  My longest run to date.  Come home all excited, plug in the USB, again all excited.  NOTHING HAPPENS.  Paash is not transferring my data!  WTF? I try again.  Nothing!  So, i’m all nervous now thinking i fucked something up.  I go to Garmin support, look up trouble shooting.  Tried things.  NOTHING!  

Next step.  Bad move by the way.  I call Garmin tech support, if thats what you want to call it.  So i get a guy who tells me to do this and that and then something else.  All seems to be in order, he says.  Does it transfer??  NO!!  He says “let me transfer you to software department”…OK!  I get disconnected.  Call back.  They say there is a 30-35 min wait.  CLICK!!

Wednesday, exact same thing happens.  No transfer and this time even worse.  The only thing the garmin tells me is how long i ran.  No distance or calories burned.  Call up.  Same deal.  Let me transfer you to software.  Now here’s where it gets a bit dicey!!  Lady comes on.  I tell her problem.  She tells me “OK, let me get the garmin 405 booklet!!!…So, she is literally reading the manual to tell me what to do.  She tells me the garmin is not her area of expertise!!  So as nice as possible i say “So what is your area of expertise??Boating GPS she tells me.  I scratch my head in bewilderment.  She takes my phone number and asks me when is a good time for someone to call me back.  I tell her.  Time comes and goes, no call.

I call.  Get a guy named Seth.  I always liked that name so i felt a bit hopeful.  Let me tell you, Seth dude really tried to help me.  He gave it his best shot.  This is day 3 of me talking to Garmin tech support, so you can imagine how pleasant i was right???  Finally, i say look dude, this is a 2 month old watch.  I want a new one like right now!!  He stuttered a bit and said “OK”.  So, tomorrow he is UPSing me a new Garmin 405.  When i get it, i have to take out the watch, leave everything else in the box because i have all the stuff it came with and put the old watch in the box to send back.  I even had to give my credit card # and he said once they receive my watch they will credit me the $299.  Can you imagine.  They are charging my credit card for $299.  

This last call lasted 1 hour.  Last nights call lasted 1 hour 3 min.  The first call lasted 35 min.  So, that is 2 hours 38 min of my life i cannot get back!!!

My rant is over.  I feel calmer now.  I know these things happen but they always seem to happen to me.  At least once a week, i am calling some sort of tech support!  I lack patience.  Sometimes, i get nasty.  It’s not a good quality to have.  

I am very sorry Paash, i could not Fix You!!!  

I must come up with a new name.  Tomorrow, i run with my old Timex watch.  You know the one?  Ah sweet technology!!!

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  1. September 19, 2008 1:25 am

    Sorry to hear about Paash. I hope your replacement doesn’t have any issues.

  2. September 19, 2008 12:54 pm

    I hate tech support, don’t even get me started on Cablevision…damn them!!

    What are your plans for the race tomorrow? Looking forward to it!!

  3. September 19, 2008 2:21 pm

    When you get your new Garmie.. you might want to name the watch Seth. Bad advice ! Anyhow, I would like to set up a time to get together to show you the rope. This way, you will work as if you were a NASA commander.

  4. michjoy61 permalink*
    September 19, 2008 2:33 pm

    Ted, you bet i want to set up a time!! Lets do it!!!

    Seth is not a bad idea actually!!! :O)

    Liz: I actually may have to bow out of the race tomorrow! I will email you!!!


  5. September 19, 2008 5:03 pm

    OMG!! I’m sorry you had such a bad experience. I’ve always heard that Garmin CS was really good. I guess not LOL

  6. September 19, 2008 6:18 pm

    bummer! but they’re sending you a new one (albeit with a charge to your card in the interim) so that’s good!

  7. September 21, 2008 1:03 am

    First of all. What a great run!!
    The fact that they are sending you a new watch is good. Most companies don’t even do that..
    Seth the watch – “catchy”

  8. michjoy61 permalink*
    September 21, 2008 1:45 am

    Thanks Dave, i think i am going to go with Seth!! I’m hoping Seth won’t let me down…

  9. J-mom permalink
    September 21, 2008 5:39 pm

    Oh no!!! Sorry about PAASH!!

  10. September 24, 2008 9:14 pm

    Dang, what a hassle. Sounds like my last dealings with Tivo. (And you want to talk about serious stress! Wait for the tivo to die.)

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