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I’ve fallen and i can’t get up!

October 30, 2008

I literally couldn’t get up.  Well, let me explain!  I was running.  I was engaged in a very animated conversation about what time i need to leave my house so that i can meet my friends at exactly the right time.  We determined i need to exit my apartment at 6.32am.  With that in mind, the next thing i knew i was falling.  Down!  I must have either tripped on a board, a nail in the board or my own two feet.  I fell first on my right elbow, then plopped down hard on my left  knee.  Then, (and you will appreciate this if you are a baseball fan) i slid into home base.  Not literally, of course silly…just in my rather strange mind. I think i did the best slide EVER!!!  

My friend who is a doctor quickly accessed the situation, first probing my elbow, then the knee all the while i was on the floor in some sort of strange twisted position.  So, here i am on the floor being complimented on how beautiful my fall was.  A work of sheer genius, i was told.  Very graceful, my other friend said.  I am pretty sure, they were dying to laugh or at least giggle just a bit.  They didn’t.

So, i slowly, carefully, got up and started running again.  It is not pretty folks.  I won’t be posting photos of the knee for two reasons.

1) My knee somehow looks like my boob when i take a photo of it.

2) I forgot to shave my legs and the knee area is indeed hairy!  Ugh so i just thought of something…my knee that looks like my boob has hair on it.!!!  

Oh, and when i fell the very first thing i did going down, is stop my Seth!  My garmin!  Hey, i didn’t want to mess up my time guys!!  When i did this, my friend said “I knew you were OK”!!


Activity: Run
Date: 10/30/08  06:51 AM
Distance: 5.00 miles
Time: 0:53:41
Speed: 5.6 mph
Pace: 10′ 44 min/mile
Calories: 587
Heart Rate:
Activity Goal: None
Difficulty: 1.8   

The first red dot is the FALL!!!

Pace (min/mile)

1 11′ 21 +0′ 37 5.3 -0.3 0 ft
2 12′ 34 +1′ 50 4.8 -0.8 +7 ft
3 11′ 28 +0′ 44 5.2 -0.4 -10 ft
4 14′ 55 +4′ 11 4.0 -1.6 +6 ft
end 9′ 07 -1′ 37 6.6 +1.0 -3 ft
Versus average of 10′ 44 min/mile:       Slower     Faster


“The more I train, the more I realize I have more speed in me.” 

LEROYLeroy Burrell

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  1. October 30, 2008 10:40 pm

    OMGosh! Thank God you’re alright. You crack me up. “Hairy boob” HAHAHHAA

  2. November 2, 2008 2:07 am

    You know you are a runner when, “you trip onto the concrete, and turn your garmin off before you ever hit the ground.”
    I love it! Hope you aren’t hurt..

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