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In A Perfect World….

January 16, 2009


It is crazy how certain events in your life can change the way you think, act, speak, run, love, eat and poop.  So, last night at the recommendation of Mr. Ted,  i watched Running the Sahara!!  Check it out here also!

In a nutshell:

In 2006, an international expedition team of three men – Charlie Engle (USA), Ray Zahab (Canada) and Kevin Lin (Taiwan) undertook a quest that no human being has ever fulfilled. They ran across the Sahara Desert. Each runner brought his own unique story and motivations, but all unite around a love for Africa and a profound desire to prove that the impossible is possible.

Wow, what a story.  What a film.  I was riveted.  It had me from the start and i didn’t leave to pee-pee even though i really had to. It really got me thinking.  Which is unusual.  I know, thats what you were all thinking.  It got me thinking that all things are possible if you put your mind to it, and make it happen.  No excuses.  It is all out there waiting for us.  Why not fucking grab it.  

Now, mind you this was after i ran 6.15 miles and i was all like shit I rock.  I fucking ran 6.15 miles today.  Did you???  Then i watch this film where these guys ran by the team’s daily GPS record, over 4,300 miles (6,920 kilometers).  WHAT??  HOW??  WHY??   Of course, it matters how, but more importantly it matters WHY?  Why these three men?  Would a lesser man give up?  Was it part of a bigger plan in their lives?  Again, i have no idea.  The expedition by no means went smoothly.  There were lots of ups and downs, literally and figuratively.  If you can catch a showing of this film by all means do so.  It will be played on showtime Monday January 19th at 2.15PM DVR it!!!  And Saturday January 24th at 6.15PM a little more doable. 

I am now very psyched to complete the first in the series of five Half Marathons.  The Manhattan Half is January 25th.  I am going to run it, for fun.  I’ve said this before but i just want to make it real by saying it again.

Seth, my garmin was giving me a really hard time.  I couldn’t transfer my data to my computer.  I had to call Garmin Tech support and i was on the phone with them from 10.53am until 12.26pm.  Drove me bonkers but the good news is Seth is now working.  I have no idea what the guy even did.  He took over my computer from his end and did all kinds of downloads and uploads and watched a few youtube videos and played a few games and finally Seth beeped to life!!!  WOOHOO!!!  I am back in business!!!

This weekend i have a 10 miler planned.  I am not sure if i will run it Saturday or Sunday.  It’s going to be amazing because no matter what, i will finish it.  


“May we never let the things we can’t have, or don’t have, or
shouldn’t have, spoil our enjoyment of the things we do have
and can have. As we value our happiness let us not forget it,
for one of the greatest lessons in life is learning to be
happy without the things we cannot or should not have.”

— Richard L. Evans

3 Comments leave one →
  1. January 16, 2009 11:23 pm

    I have heard of that movie, and need to check it out.

  2. January 17, 2009 1:57 pm

    Like you, I was in awe when I watched “Running the Sahara”. I am glad you watched it. Unbelievable !!! I am glad Seth is back. Enjoy every minute with Seth as he needs you more than ever. Enjoy the bone-chilling weather out there!!!

  3. January 17, 2009 2:43 pm

    Sounds like an inspriring tale.

    Go rock your 10miler!!

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