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Because I have to believe, even if they don’t.

October 2, 2009

Knowing I gave everything, means everything!

Ever since I had the opportunity to see Dean Karnazes give one of his motivational talks, I have been delighted at just getting out there and having fun with my runs.  When asked “how do you do it Dean?” he answers “easy, I just put one foot in front of the other and run”!  He loves running and it shows.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have no intention of running 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states.  With my body physiology I probably wouldn’t last more than 2 marathons.  Dean, however has never been injured while running, or should I say because of running.  He has that amazing physiology where he can literally run forever.  Sure, if he falls like at the Trans Rockies Run.  From his blog:

I took a tumble along a steep section of trail and ended up cracking three ribs. I’ve always been able to say to people that I’ve never suffered an injury, running related or otherwise. Time to swallow my pride, gulp, and eat those words.

As I was listening to him speak, I envisioned myself up there speaking words of wisdom, then I realized I don’t have any words of wisdom.  The most popular question of course is WHY does he do what he does?  He loves running and the pure joy it gives to him.  The awesomeness that a solitary run can give to you is unparalleled and I am unable to come up with anything similar or worthy of comparison.  Neither can Dean.  What we both agree on, is that everybody runs for a different reason and each and every reason is incredible.

To lose weight, to stay healthy, to keep your heart pumping, because I love it, I feel free, fun races, awesome peeps, I could go on and on.  But, I won’t.  You all know the reasons and you all have your reasons.

Dean made me see that running is so simple ~ and we make it complicated.  Sure, I struggle most days to maintain a pace that I think I am worthy off.  Sure, I push past the pain when my legs feel sluggish.  My mind kicks in to gear and it pushes my body and then when both mind and body are in sync my pace is there.  But, that does not happen for every single run.  But, when both mind and body are in sync I feel as though I could run forever and with a big grin on my face.  There is no pain, only happy place feelings.  Gosh, I love that feeling.  So much better than putting unnatural drugs into your body.

So, running.  For the month of September I ran 101 miles.  I did 5 speed workouts.  Yasso 800’s, which I have come to love.  My fastest 800 was a 4.09  (8.20 min/mile)  I am still in that range after my speed workout yesterday, my fastest 800 being 4.11.   I did not participate in any races.  I ran some fast runs ~ some slow trots.  Did this on 9/22/09

Mile  1   10.00

Mile  2   10.07

Mile 3   9.52

Mile 4  9.50

Mile 5  9.36

5 Miles  49.26   9.53 min/mile.

I also ran 7 miles on 9/30/09 to complete 101 miles in 1.10.37   10.05 min/mile.  Ran negative splits last mile in 9.21.  So, I am getting there.  Slowly but surely.  Sometimes, too slow for my liking but be patient grasshopper is my motto so who am I to argue.

I have also ran 2x in my VFF’s KSO’s.  Running barefoot is a whole different thang.  It is childlike and liberating.  I really concentrate on my stride and gait during these runs.  I don’t run high mileage in them.  I did 2 miles in 20.19  2nd mile in 9.48.

So, I am feeling it.  The mojo is there for sure.  And now thanks to Dean Karnazes I am approaching running with a childlike glee and open delightfulness that I don’t show very often.  I don’t complain if the run is harder than usual, because I am still out there.  I don’t say this run sucked because no run sucks.  I don’t think to myself UGH I don’t want to get my butt out of my warm and cozy bed to run, I look forward to getting my butt out of my warm and cozy bed to run.  I am thankful I am a runner.  I am thankful I decided to take that first step that day so very long ago and didn’t stop.

Running does not define me, but it makes me a better person.  It is a huge part of my life and I am cool with that.  Knowing I gave everything, means everything.  Just live each day and make each day the best day.  I am no longer bogged down by negativity.  I am choosing to live and not to be upset by those negative nelly’s that seem to thrive all around me.  I will only surround myself with awesome ~ positive people.  And let’s face it, athletes are awesome positive people.  That can-do attitude simply cannot be beat.  I can!  Can you?



Even after all these years, running continues to amaze me. Mostly in its ability to clarify – to make things OK and bring you back down to earth, even when things are insane. Especially when things are insane. Mark Remy, Executive Editor,

Running is elementary, it is elegant in it’s simplicity.

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  1. October 2, 2009 4:14 pm

    Exactly what I think – each step I make, each time I push the pedal, each stroke in the pool, is simple joy for me, just being able to do it is a pure pleasure.

    Thanks for the recap of Karnazes. And the links. And the great thoughts!

  2. October 2, 2009 4:14 pm

    great post! it’s hard being sidelined to even remember the joy of running sometimes, focusing on the pain, the miles missed, and the fear i’m falling behind, but reading this blog makes me really excited to lace up again, just to run! Who cares about the other crap, just go out there, hit that level where you can’t help but grin like a fool as you wipe the sweat out of your eyes. thanks for this post, m 🙂

  3. October 2, 2009 4:37 pm

    Another awesome post, Michelle, I love it 🙂

    This reminded me a lot of one of my favorite running quotes….not sure if you’ve heard this one before, but wanted to share:

    “Running is my anchor. It’s not what I do, but it’s what makes everything else I do okay.”
    – Ben Cheever

  4. October 2, 2009 4:55 pm

    “then I realized I don’t have any words of wisdom.”

    tsk… tsk… 🙂

    your enthusiasm is infectious. I’m glad our paths have crossed…

  5. October 2, 2009 7:10 pm

    wow, 101 running miles is awesome! well done michelle!

  6. October 3, 2009 5:23 am

    Great post! I just finished Deans book and cried a few times! He is so inspiring! 🙂

  7. October 3, 2009 5:08 pm

    You have done it again. I love your post. You have said it perfectly. To me.. I love the form of escapism. Just being away for an hour while running cleanse my mind and soul. Dean will continue to inspire you and many others for years to come.

  8. October 3, 2009 6:59 pm

    Who are these Negative Nellys? Banish them! You are so positive and upbeat, I can’t imagine you ever struggling with motivation.

  9. October 3, 2009 7:44 pm

    you have the best attitude 🙂 patience is so important, especially in running! stick with it (being patient) and it won’t do ya wrong. the motivation will last forever. inspirational people like dean don’t hurt either!

  10. October 4, 2009 1:33 am

    I LOVE this post. Have you read “Born to Run?” It’s a gorgeous book, and the central theme is that as a country, we have gotten worse at running over the years because we’ve lost the simple joy we once had in it. Sometimes, it feels good to add speedwork and long runs and other junk. Other times, it’s nice to just put on our shoes, open the door and GO.

  11. October 6, 2009 2:55 am

    you inspire me. i needed to hear those words and i needed to hear them now. i’m full of doubt.i’m tired and i’m feeling guilty because i’m not running because i’m tapering. in short, i’m a mess in my head. thank you so much for once again giving me some good, meaningful words to hold onto.

  12. October 8, 2009 3:48 pm

    Heya stranger! Great post! I love it.

    Really good job on the 800s. You are totally getting your speed back. How long were you out of commission because of your toe again? I’m going on 4 weeks right now 😦

  13. October 14, 2009 6:45 pm

    Great perspective on running. Speed doesn’t last; someone faster always comes along eventually. It’s only things like enjoyment, good health, energy, time for contemplation, spending time with friends or alone, etc. that really last and have long-term meaning. Good post.

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