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~ A Love Letter ~

September 20, 2010

Well, sure they do.   But, not really.  Not today anyway.

We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.  “Robert Louis Stevenson”

Well, I am pretty sure I found 919 honest friends over at Dailymile.   Amazing place.   Yesterday, I posted a workout.   My 16 mile long run that ended in tears.  It was the most emotional run I ever had.   It was hard, I hated it and I was pretty sure I would never want to run again.   Plus, I was solo.  I always try to “hook up” with other runners but it just never seems to work out for me.   This was just not the run I was looking forward to.  My legs ached from the first step I took.  I started wondering if perhaps I should forgo the run and just go home.  But then I started moving and decided to do a Forest Gump.  Keep on running.

It never got easier, and when I reached out to Eva and she encouraged me, I felt a good mental boost and kept on going.   This bit of encouragement really helped me.   I didn’t feel so alone.  There was someone out there cheering for me to finish.  I cried then.  Looking back, I must have looked rather foolish.  Curly hair flying in the wind, tears streaming down my sad face and my legs doing some sort of running shuffle as I plodded along.

Got this run done.   Cried again at home.  A lot.  But this time it wasn’t so much about the run as it was about many other emotional issues I am dealing with.   I had to let it out.

Then I felt kinda sick and decided to take my temp.   100 on the dot.  I was running a low-grade fever for the entire time I was running.   Plus, I fasted the day before for Yom Kippur.  2 strikes against me.   I am not the sort of runner who needs or wants excuses on why a run went bad.   But for this particular run, I felt the need to understand what went wrong.

I spent the rest of the day in bed dozing and watching the Jets win.   And hydrating with Powerade and water.   All I wanted to do was sleep.   But…….

I periodically checked Dailymile and saw the comments pouring in for me.   I was and am completely overwhelmed with joy and appreciation.   Everybody felt and understood what I went through and even why I cried during my run.   It is simply incredible.   Strangers who are no longer strangers to me and friends whom I met before.   All of you came to support and help me.   56 comments.  How do I even begin to thank everybody?

Dear Dailymile:

Without you in my life, I truly believe my running wouldn’t be nearly as amazing as it is now.  And I am not saying I am an amazing runner.   I am saying that even if I crawl for 2 miles, I feel proud and want to post it immediately on Dailymile.   You, Dailymile, can make even the most mundane of runs, feel special.  Dailymile, I discovered my core because of you.   I discovered that I can do pushups and crunches.  I finally found out what a plank is.  And I can do it.  And I can tell you all about it and you are always happy for me.   I can tell you I cried during a run and I can tell you that I hated it and I get 56 comments.  56 amazing and motivating and loving comments.  I always wonder, what did I do to deserve you Dailymile?   Still kinda wonder.   I don’t want to run without you, ever.  I want to know you will be there for me.   So far, you have been there every single day.   You never let me down.  Not even 1 time.   So, I thank you and appreciate you and most of all, I love you.

Love Michelle

Bib Number for #MCM   #25823.

Coal City, WV ~ 25823.   Not too far from Odd, WV 25902

Thanks to Joe over at RunWestchester I now have a city and state to correspond with my Marine Corps Marathon Bib#.  How cool is that?  Since all of us runners are so number oriented, I thought at least some of you would appreciate this.

6 weeks to Marine Corps Marathon.   I’ve got some intense training weeks to go, but I will get it all done.  By myself or with friends.   Doesn’t matter.  I have the heart and determination to make it happen.

“There is only one big thing—desire. And before it, when it is big, all is little.”

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  1. September 20, 2010 6:58 pm

    A fever, fasting AND you wonder why you’re run was harder than usual? The fact that you managed to stick with it and finish should say a lot about the runner inside of you.

    Well done Michelle.


  2. September 20, 2010 7:08 pm

    Glad you had the daily mile community to pull you thru that long run. You can do it!

  3. September 20, 2010 7:08 pm

    Well said Michelle! Glad to be one of those people cheering you on 🙂 DM is truly incredible and I think those of us who have found it are really luck to have met some a strong and supportive running/racing/biking/etc… community.
    Can’t believe you only have 6 weeks left till your Marathon. Wooohoooo!

  4. September 20, 2010 7:59 pm

    So proud of you love!

  5. September 20, 2010 11:38 pm

    Dailymile loves you back!!! 🙂

  6. September 21, 2010 12:14 am

    Great post! Daily Mile is great – thanks for talking me into joining.

  7. September 21, 2010 3:41 pm

    no need to thank anybody, just pay it forward, which I’m sure you do ALL THE TIME. Way to grit it out chica! Don’t underestimate the power of your mind!!

  8. September 27, 2010 8:13 pm

    I have seen quite a bit about Daily Mile in some running blogs I’ve recently found and all is positive. I think I’ll look into switching my training log over to the Daily Mile. Good job getting through your run and hopefully you’ll feel better soon. Good luck in your running!

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