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~ It’s Rocktober People ~

October 1, 2010

But there is such a thing as Rocktober!  It could be what urban dictionary says:

An informal celebration of rock music taking place every year in the month of October.


It could be:
The month of the year that rocks best.

Yes, I am going to go with that.   Firstly, its my birthday month.   Secondly, it is the month of Marine Corps Marathon.   Thirdly, oh so much more.

I’ve been really thinking a lot about HATRun.   I know exactly what I got myself into and simply put, it will be Rocktastic.

This may sound silly coming from a true city girl, but I feel like trail running is a calling.   You may laugh when I say I only truly ran on a trail 1 time and you may laugh again when I say I got lost.  It’s OK.  Go ahead and laugh.  I am.

I love to explore.  Again, being a city girl where can I explore forests and trees that grow mulberries and see wildlife and sit by a pond and read.  Central Park is kinda cool like that.  I remember one time in particular when my friend Michelle and I were wandering around the park and came across the most awesome place ever.  We weren’t afraid to explore and kind of go off the beaten path a bit.  I knew I wanted to and Michelle didn’t hesitate.  So, in we went to find some awesome water falls, beautiful flowers and trees, ponds, bridges, pretty birds hopping about.   Wow, I was in heaven for about 45 minutes.   I wish I could build a little house and live there.

After that, I was really wanting to run some trails, perhaps in Prospect Park but I didn’t want to go alone for fear of getting lost in there.  So, I never did run those trails.  It just seems like something I would totally love to do.   There is nothing like running with nature.  Sure, I realize there will be hills to climb.   Probably lots of rocks and twigs and dirt and maybe some water to cross.   I say bring it on.

Last year on November 8th I ran on that 1 time trail.  It was a really cool trail race that I did with a friend.   Only a 6 miler.   I admit, I was nervous going in but once it started and I was moving and enjoying my surroundings, I was loving it.

I promise you, that is not the look of fear on my face.  I was deep in concentration and awe.  Awe at the fact that there was an aid station stocked with beer.

Here is a little bit about the race:

The course encompasses winding wooded trails, gullies, footbridges, small streams, fallen trees, varmints & several eco-systems. You will run through cedar forest & beautiful wetlands. The course is tough, challenging & hilly, but most everyone finishes intact for our post-race party at a nearby location.

Who wouldn’t love running through all of that?  Well minus the varmints of course!!

So much fun!!!!    Maybe, just maybe I will do it again this year.  Of course that all depends on my poopy and stupid heel.  I am getting a bit tired of the pain.   BUT, you won’t hear me complaining.   Nope.   Staying focused and positive is my goal right now.

The weather here in NYC has been sort of uncooperative this week and so I only got 1 bike ride in.  I plan on lots more riding in the beautiful month of Rocktober.  I would so love to explore on my bike, but again I’m 2/3 part chicken and 5/8 part not so brave.   City girl and all.

Many people lose the small joys, in the hope for the big happiness!

Happy Rocktober 1st!   I really hope these last 3 months of the year 2010 is amazing.   I also really hope I will be in DC for Halloween.

Until then, I will be focused on the big picture.  You know I have lots of pumpkin breads to bake and leaves to rake.  Ok, well not the raking part but it rhymed and I couldn’t help myself.


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  1. October 1, 2010 10:31 pm

    I’d love to run that race! I’m going to focus more on trails next year. Too much fun.

  2. October 1, 2010 11:20 pm

    I really wish I could do this race, but the Shamrock Half is my early-season Christmas with running. I too like trail running. I’ve avoided getting too hooked, but I completely understand why some people ditch the roads to run mostly on trails.

  3. October 2, 2010 2:04 am

    Take it off! Off road that is! Rock on!

  4. October 2, 2010 6:15 pm

    You’re so lucky to live where you do. So many adventures right out your front door.

    I have a good feeling about you & the MCM.

    All the best,


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