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~ The Rocky Horror Healing Show ~

October 20, 2010

It’s not much of a horror show, my achilles tendon.  In fact, I have quite lovely feet.  A nice shade of pale white with easily identifiable toes.  And each toe does possess a toenail.   My second toe is not elongated and is nicely even with my big toe.   Then each toe thereafter is perfectly symmetrical and well-proportioned.  I can also pick stuff up with my toes, you know all prehensile and stuff.   Oh and I don’t have any toe knuckle hair.  YET.   So, yes while my achilles tendon is experiencing some tendonitis, my foot as a whole is just perfect looking.

I stopped running 4 weeks ago, when I could run no longer.  And it was the smartest and only thing I could do.  I then went to the doctor, put on a boot and started PT.   I don’t like it very much but sometimes in life, there are things that you kinda don’t dig.  It’s not the very worst thing ever, but its annoying in that it doesn’t allow me to do the thing I love.

I am trying and willing it to heal.  I am also doing stuff to help it heal.  It’s just taking a bit longer than I would have liked.  Funny the way that happens.  My PT gives one heck of a massage for my achilles tendonitis.  She works the specific area that is injured.  She said I have a classic case of AT.

The other day I took a walk and added in some running.  I figured it couldn’t make things too much worse.   I didn’t make things worse, but my PT said I shouldn’t be running yet.  Somebody on twitter asked me “why would you risk it all”?   Make me pause and think.  Yes, sometimes I run with pain or run when I shouldn’t.  But risk it all?   Risking it all would be to run Marine Corps Marathon……  Running 1/4 mile interspersed with walking is not IMHO risking it all.  I iced immediately upon returning and was not worse for the wear.

I long for the day when I can run safely again.  I have a follow up appointment with my doctor next week.  On my birthday, no less.  What a way to spend my birthday.

In the meantime, Oct 29th I am heading to DC for a fun-filled and whirlwind weekend of tweetups, meetups, dinner, expo, hugs, love and of course cheering.  I need this time away.  Unfortunately, I am going alone.  If I was to run Marine Corps, my sister would be right there with me, but she will stay behind to tend to my mother so that I can have some fun.  My sister is pretty awesome and I love her.

I have two new pairs of shoes that really really want to be used.   They are sitting here all new and shiny and pretty.   Soon!!!!

If you set out on an adventure, and you’re completely convinced you’re going to be successful, why start?


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  1. October 20, 2010 1:00 am

    I wish I could make it up to D.C. to join you in cheering on the crowd and all the Twitter and DailyMile friends. Hope that heel gets healed soon!!

  2. October 22, 2010 1:59 am

    Haha “risk it all?” God, I hope I didn’t say that. No need to be dramatic people. Anyhow, You needed that little rush that comes with running, I get it. 🙂 Keep it up, you’ll be healed before you know it 🙂

  3. October 25, 2010 11:13 pm

    Why would you risk it all!? This person must not know the power of the the running drug! Glad you are healing!

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