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~ Game Day Decisions ~

November 7, 2010

“Few things in life match the thrill of a marathon.” -Fred Lebow

This has been another whirlwind weekend that I would love to talk about a bit.

Friday there were plans to meet up at the NYCM Expo @Zensah booth.  The Zensah Mafia was being reunited.   The expo itself was really neat.  Spacious and with lots of interesting running porn to look at.

I saw on my BB that @luau Matt was at the expo so I excitedly texted him and he called me back and asked where I was.  And then he was there and we hugged and we “bonded” immediately.   Matt was running the NYCM for Autism Speaks, a cause that is near and dear to his heart.   What an amazing person he is.   Funny and giving.  We even attended a “wedding” together at the expo.  A couple who met each other while training for a marathon decided to get married at the Autism Speaks booth and guess who their witness was??

Hard to see perhaps, but that person in blue is none other than Bart Yasso, of the Yasso 800’s fame.   Yep, how cool is that?   Plus, they gave out little bottles of bubbles to blow during the ceremony and as they were pronounced man and wife.   I kidded with Matt that he was my “date” for the wedding.   So fun.

The Zensah experience was terrific.   We got to meet the co-owner and had some good conversations about the product.  We are all believers in Zensah.  Eva, Mary, Erika, Jennifer and now Baker and Claire are part of our mafia team.   I acquired a brand new pair of arm sleeves/warmers and blue calf sleeves.  Smokin hot.

Thats Kai, Claire, Eva, Mary and Bryan representing at the Zensah booth.

After we left the expo we made our way to 44 1/2 restaurant in Hells Kitchen for a really delightful dinner full of laughs, love and good food and drink.   I was so happy that night surrounded by people who truly cared about me.   I went to sleep that night with my heart happy.

Saturday morning I had plans to meet up with @luau Matt and TK for a nice and easy run in Central Park.   I was somewhat concerned knowing that both Matt and TK are stronger and faster runners than I am, but all was good because they stuck with me OR allowed me to stick with them.

It was a honor and a privilege to get to run with Matt W today. What a great guy he is. I really think we bonded and became life-long friends. We ran to the finish line of the NYCM. Very neat.

Nice little progressive, it turned out to be!
3.12 miles 34.21 11 min/mile
Mile 1 11.26
Mile 2 11.03
Mile 3 10.48
Mile 0.12 1.03.59 (9.01)

We ran with our friend TK as well. The 3 of us made a nice team in Central Park where it was teeming with teams of runners. :O)

And then it was finally time for the NYCM Dailymile/Twitter Brunch.   I believe it was a rousing success with about 33-35 people enjoying each others company.  Everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves and to me that is the ONLY thing that I cared about, really.   Just bringing together lots of like-minded awesome really cool folks to mingle and eat together made my day.   At one point, I kinda just sat there and took it all in.  It was a pleasure to meet everybody that I had only before met online.   There was one man there was was running his 73rd marathon today.   How cool huh?   I will have to say though, that the highlight of the brunch (for me) was getting to meet my running coach.  Caleb.  @CalebMasland.   What a great guy.  I was upset, though that Thomas @neudesigns wasn’t able to make the brunch.  He had some bus snafu that kept him out of NYC and then when he did arrive he had to hustle over to the expo to pick up his bib and goodie bag.  He called me and we got to chat for a bit.   I will get to meet him in March for the HATRun.  He did great today as did Matt.

Caleb and myself

Thanks to everybody who came to brunch at Josie’s East.  You made this event possible.  I appreciate you all and it was a pleasure to meet you all too.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t publicly thank TK @pigtailsflying for really coming through for me and helping me out with some venue change for the brunch.   TK is a beautiful person inside and out!!!   THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Today.  Well today is November 7th, 2010.   New York City Marathon Day.   The day that so many of you were preparing for.   Perfect sunny day.   And, unfortunately I couldn’t be out there cheering as I had planned.   I had to tend to some issues at home, some stuff for my mom mostly, actually.   Yeah, all of it was issues with my mom.  So, I couldn’t get out in time and just kinda sulked for a bit in the house.   Then, my sister texted me with “Where are you”  “Are you out there cheering”  When I told her what happened, she said “let’s spectate together texting”.   That immediately cheered me up and I sat and we watched the TV coverage and texted.   The funniest text I got from her was “Sister, it’s all about the pacing”.   Too cute.    She also liked Shalane Flanagans white compression socks.   So did I.  Old Skool.   So, perhaps it wasn’t such a bad thing to watch on TV with my sister while twittering away.

Congrats to all of you who finished the New York City Marathon today.  You really made me proud to not only be friends with you all, but proud that I am a runner in NYC.   WOW!!!

Early on in the race today, I made my Game Day Decision.   I didn’t run 9 races this year, plus volunteer 1 time for nothing.  So, next year I have decided to run the New York City Marathon and hold off on Marine Corps Marathon.   Oh, I will run Marine Corps Marathon one day, but next year I just want to run NYC.   Yes, I realize I may be dizzy and excited about all the hoopla and excitement of the day.  Perhaps.   Perhaps, I am basing my decision on that.  But, decision is made.

I have some cool things this year to look forward to.   Two of them being:

A beer run on Sunday November 21st.   My good friend Claire is organizing.  Here is part of her email about it:

We’ll meet on Sunday morning at 11:00am at the Engineer’s Gate at Central Park (Fifth Avenue and E. 90th Street). From there, we’ll run (slowly, comfortably, and without tripping, throwing elbows, or blowing snot rockets on one another) north and west, hopping back and forth between the Park and the Avenues of the Upper West Side to quench our collective thirst along the way.

And then on Thanksgiving Day I will be running the annual Prospect Park 5 mile Turkey Trot race.   A fun race that I enjoy doing.   And fun is the only goal.

I am kinda sad to see this weekend come to an end, but I look ahead with anticipation.

Fun Fact:  In 1970, the first NYCM, 120 runners paid $1 each to run the five loops in Central Park, #ingnycm.

TK also did this awesomeness:   So, there was a cash surplus from Saturday’s NYCM tweet-up brunch. I donated it to @luau‘s page for Autism Speaks.

There’s only us, there’s only this.  Forget regret or life is yours to miss.   No other road, no other way, no day but TODAY!!!!!

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  1. November 8, 2010 2:11 am

    GREAT account of your day and of the tweetup and expo. I love seeing pics of people so I can match them mentally to their avatars and online personas. I wish I could have gone to that brunch. Sounds like it was a fun time! I hope to do New York too one day. I’m going to enter the lottery on Monday. We’ll see what happens. I’m definitely doing San Francisco in July!

  2. November 8, 2010 2:36 am

    Sounds like you had a great weekend Michelle! Looking forward to finally meeting you at HAT!

  3. November 8, 2010 3:51 pm

    Great non-race race recap! You’ve had two awesome weekends in a row with races. After seeing so many highlights of yesterday’s marathon, I’m tempted to enter the lottery and see if I get in. It’s just a temptation right now. 🙂

  4. suzanne l permalink
    November 8, 2010 4:52 pm

    great post michelle, i truly enoyed the read. it sounds like an amazing weekend and experience for sure. run that baby next year.

  5. November 8, 2010 10:01 pm

    sounds like an awesome weekend!!! I used to live right next door to that 44 1/2 restaurant (that is not what it was called then). GLAD i found your blog and I think I have you updating regularly now!!!

  6. November 12, 2010 1:42 am

    We are definitely life-long friends dear! It was so much fun being able to hang out with you both on Friday AND Saturday! We will definitely run together again!

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