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~ Shaken Not Stirred ~

November 12, 2010

With 49 days left in 2010, and 842 running miles for the year I am once again on course to hit 1000 miles without really trying or thinking about it.  158 miles in 49 days is very doable for me.   During #MCM training it occurred to me I would hit 1000 miles, but once I got injured I sort of gave up on that goal and didn’t give it much thought at all.   It’s really just an arbitrary number, after all.  Contingent solely upon my discretion.  My doctor clearing me for running could not have arrived at a more fortuitous time.  IMHO.  Anyway, what I am getting at is I don’t really care too much about how many miles I end up with for 2010.

What’s ahead for 2011 is what I am focusing on.

1) March 19th 2011  The Hat Run 50k.   This takes place at Susquehanna State Park, Maryland.  Susquehanna State Park is a state park on the lower Susquehanna River north of Havre de Grace, Maryland.

The Course: The course is mostly single track trail with a mix of open fields, dirt road and some paved road. The course features nearly 9,800 feet of climbing. There is a starting loop of 3.6 miles followed by two identical loops of 13.7 miles. There are 4 stream crossings that can be challenging depending on the water level – there is alway the chance of getting wet feet.

I heard from people in the know that it’s a great transition to a trail ultra for marathoners.  Ummm, ok well I am doing it backwards.   Trail ultra THEN a marathon.  I like that.

2) September 23rd-24th  2011 Ragnar DC .   Yes, you read it here first.  I am part of the Dailymile Dozen who will participate in this 193 mile adventure-fest that will push myself and 11 pals through the stunning scenery of the Potomac River Valley.   I bet you are all shaking your heads in disbelief and perhaps thinking something like……

  • She is nutso
  • What is wrong with Michelle?
  • She is insane
  • Cool she rocks
  • Awesome
  • Nothing is wrong with Michelle

3)  I deferred Marine Corp Marathon until 2011.  The MCM for 2011 takes place on October 30, 2011.   New York City Marathon takes place on November 6th 2011.  Exactly 1 week later.   Decision time…….I am going to have to go with New York City Marathon in 2011.   While I would love to run them both, that is just not feasible.

For the rest of 2010 I have a few things to do.  A Turkey Trot and most likely a 10k.


I’ve been slowly making my comeback to running.  I will just talk about today’s run.   Nothing special about it really.   A simple 5 miler.   But, to me it was special because I ran the whole 5 miles without a walk break.  This is big for me because it’s a habit that I need to break.  Walk breaks are fine and dandy nothing wrong at all with walk breaks, but I need to learn to get past the feeling of needing or wanting that walk break.   I’m sorry if that doesn’t make much sense, but it’s all mental with me.  Clearly, I am able to run 5 milers, so I have to retrain my mind to allow me to do that.   Also, I am starting to throw in some 30 second strides at the end of my runs to help wake up the fast twitch muscle fibers.

5 miles 51.33 10.18 min/mile
Mile 1 10.19
Mile 2 10.11
Mile 3 10.18
Mile 4 10.30
Mile 5 10.13

It was nice.

I am also incorporating many more rest days into my routine.  It’s important.  Plus of course, CORE.   It’s important.

What a long and convoluted post to simply say change is good.  I am shaking things up, but not stirring the pot just yet.  I want to keep things as simple as possible and perhaps running will become just as simple.   Running, IMHO should never be a burden.  Yes, you work hard to achieve your goals, but I don’t want to feel like its something I have to do as opposed to something I love and want to do.

Just because I am not stirring the pot, I do feel “stirred” like James Bond’s favorite drink. The way I look at life is constantly changing. It is as if my time has come and I am preparing myself for bigger and better things. Things that move my heart and my passion all at the same time. I am reaching out to people and have brought in such wonderful human beings in my life.   A good mixture.

That is the way to live life.   Surprise after surprise.

Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality.  If you can dream it, you can make it so.  Belva Davis

Belva Davis, broadcast journalist

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  1. November 12, 2010 8:22 pm

    love the title. am looking forward to enjoying some tasty cocktails this weekend, stirred and straight up!

    that’s amazing you are going to hit 1000 miles! it’s always been a goal of mine, and if i run a 10k everyday until the end of the year, i’ll make it! i’m think 900 is more realistic.
    and yes, you are crazy.
    and CORE!

  2. November 12, 2010 9:22 pm

    The 50k sounds like a great race. Good luck with the training

  3. November 13, 2010 10:05 pm

    So excited you are finishing your year so strongly! I am dying to do a relay! Let me know if anyone can’t make it =). I’ll leave you with this:

  4. November 15, 2010 12:55 am

    Finish 2010 strong!!


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