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June 7, 2010

Japan Run ~ June 6th 2010  4 Miles   Official Time  ~ 41.43   10.25 min/mile

In my humble opinion, any day that I can run is a great day.  So yesterday was the Japan Run 4 mile race in Central Park.  It’s the first time I ran this race.   Nice turnout at 5464 total runners.  I won’t lie.  The weather pretty much sucked.  It wasn’t so much the temperature as it was the high and unrelenting humidity.   I was sweating before the horn even blew for the start of the 8am race.  Yet, it was a great day.

Right after I checked my bag at baggage check, I absentmindedly stepped on a small rock and twisted my left and weak ankle really hard and really fast.  My first thought was Oh shit, hope I can run the race now.   I sat down in the grass and just checked my ankle.   Made sure I could move it up and down and sideways.   Seemed to be OK.   It did hurt but not enough to warrant myself DNS.   Got to my corral with about 5 minutes to spare and tried to focus.  Day was still going great.

I was loping along pretty nicely for the first 2 miles.  I felt good ~ even though the air was stagnant and the sweat was dripping.  There were so many people running around me that I seemed to have lost focus on my form and keeping a good stride and focused more on keeping my distance from people.  Being distracted right away in a race is not a good thing.   I just couldn’t get going properly.   I felt frustrated being that this was only a 4 miler, I really wanted to move faster, yet couldn’t.  But I was having a great time.

Mile  1   9.55

Mile  2  9.39

I was on pace for a sub 40 4 miler which was my goal really.  At this point, that really should be an attainable goal.   There were points in the first two miles where there seemed to be a nice breeze and then other points where there was literally no air to be had, anywhere.  There was a fluid station at mile 1 and I really could have used it at mile 2 but there wouldn’t be another fluid station until mile 3.   GREAT!

At 2.5 miles in I was at about 24.40 so I felt confident I could hit my sub 40 goal.  And that was that.   Cat Hill was approaching or should I say it hit me hard and I just didn’t have the legs to push though it.   So, I walked up the hill for a bit.  I am guessing a good minute of walking.   Maybe even more.  Once up the hill, I resumed running and finally hit mile 3 and much needed fluid station.   I really didn’t want to drink a lot because I didn’t want it sloshing around in my belly so I slowly sipped on a cup of warmish water.  I knew I only had 1 more mile to go so just flung the cup in the garbage pail and kept on moving.  I was having a great time.

Mile  3    11.40

Mile 4     10.04

41.43 official finish time.   I was pretty disappointed in my time.  At first.  Then the stories of how hard this race was due to the heat and humidity started trickling in and I realized that 41.43 isn’t all that bad.  I gave it my all, didn’t give up and finished the race as planned.   With ankle intact.  After the race, I got my bag and sat down on a rock to think a bit and contemplate about where my running is going.  Or better yet, where I am wanting to take my running.   I was chomping hungrily on an apple provided by NYRR and all of a sudden my mind sort of drifted from running to what’s for breakfast??  Running can wait.  What a great day I had.

Other stuff:

Barney had to be sent back to Garmin.   I shall embarrassingly admit that I broke the strap again.  I am as gentle as can be when putting on and taking off Barney so I am as perplexed as you are.   Are you perplexed?   :O)   They will be sending me my second refurbished garmin.  GO ME.  So, in the meantime I will run naked and/or use an old skool timex that isn’t so bad really.  I will be running a few races naked.   How exciting.   It’s a feeling that is hard to explain really.   I feel way less unencumbered and free.   No burden to swing my left arm up every few moments to check my pace.   FREE. As running should be.

I decided to go back to running in my Vibrams at least once a week.  Just as the Vibrams tweaked my ankle and made it feel weak, I also think the Vibrams will do just the opposite and make that ankle stronger.   It’s an interesting paradox really.  That which will hurt me will also help me.  Or some such shit.  I also love running in them.   Another sort of freeing experience.  It just feels so right.

I have been running a lot.  After the Brooklyn Half Marathon, I ran 15 times, but never took a complete rest day as I do Core work or cycle on days that I don’t run.   As of right now, my body is allowing me days of exercise.  If I feel tired, I try to get more sleep.  Some runs are better than others and I really try to observe how I feel on each and every run.  Some days my legs are tired so I slow it down because I have no choice.  Other days, my legs feel peppy and raring to go.  So I push it.   I haven’t done speed work in a few weeks but hope to remedy that tomorrow night with @SpeedySasquatch and crew.

Today’s 4 miler in the Vibrams felt really good to me.  I just sort of went with it and floated along being that the weather was so favorable for running.  I think if I had the time, I would have run all day long.   4 miles   37.31.    Splits came in at 9.46 ~ 9.33 ~ 9.21 ~ 8.48. Natures prozac no doubt.

I had contemplated racing a biathlon this coming weekend, but even with a lot of motivating comments on Daily Mile that I should do it, even if just for the fun of it, I have decided against it.  Mostly, I don’t feel prepared but also because I am taking a Savvy Cyclist class that very same day and perhaps I am confused but I want to become a Savvy Cyclist first, then participate in a race that involves cycling.   Plus, I dig the word Savvy.  Instead, I will be running the Womans Mini 10k in Central Park on Saturday, naked.  11 Olympians plus Kara Goucher and Paula Radcliffe running.  Should be a blast plus brunch with friends afterwards.  I’m there.

MCM training will be starting soon, but I will talk more about that in my next post.  I have my plan.  I know what I need to do.  I feel pretty confident but I am not looking forward to my long runs in the summer time.  It will be tough.

And lastly, if you are in the NYC area and crave a cupcake, may I highly suggest Billy’s Bakery in Chelsea.  Quite excellent and high quality cupcakes with awesome frosting.   Great for a post run treat.

Last but certainly never least:

Runner’s High – is it real, and have you had one?

It’s real and its spectacular!!!!!

6 Comments leave one →
  1. June 8, 2010 12:04 am

    “It’s real and it’s spectacular”

    Hahaha damn straight!!

  2. June 8, 2010 12:09 am

    The heat and humidity was brutal up and down the East Coast. To do a race of any distance in any time over this weekend should be a character-building race. Nice job getting out there! I’m looking forward to seeing your plan for the marathon.

  3. June 8, 2010 1:16 am

    Not enough runner’s are smart enough to factor the weather into their expecations… 🙂

    and if it were me, it wouldn’t have taken ME that long to switch my thoughts to: FEED ME!! ROFL….

  4. June 8, 2010 3:38 am

    any day that you can run is a good run. i think you did great!

  5. June 8, 2010 4:09 pm

    Those are some speedy splits in the Vibrams, M! Nature’s Prozac indeed. Heard Japan Day was brutal. Glad you finished safely!

  6. June 10, 2010 12:13 pm

    You beat Lam! 🙂 Should definitely rub it in while you can 😉 Congrats on your race! I’m glad you didn’t dwell on your time for too long.

    I just got vibrams recently but I am
    certainly not up to 4mi yet in them! How did you progress wearing them? Just curious.

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